Alledom Safaris

Know More About Us

Alledom Safaris is a travel company based in Tanzania that specializes in providing safari experiences and adventure tours in East Africa. The company was founded by Allen Dominic a very experienced tour operator who is passionate about showcasing the natural beauty, wildlife, and cultural diversity of Tanzania and its neighboring countries.

Alledom Safaris offers a range of tours and safaris, including wildlife safaris, cultural tours, bird watching, hiking, and mountaineering expeditions. The company operates in popular destinations in Tanzania, offering customized itineraries to suit the preferences and interests of each traveler.

One of the unique selling points of Alledom Safaris is their commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism. The company works closely with local communities and conservation organizations to ensure that their tours have a positive impact on the environment and support the local economy.

Alledom Safaris has a team of knowledgeable and experienced guides who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise with travelers. They use comfortable and well-maintained vehicles and accommodation options to ensure that guests have a safe and comfortable experience.

In addition to their standard tour packages, Alledom Safaris also offers tailor-made itineraries for travelers who have specific interests or requirements. They provide excellent customer service, and their team is always available to assist travelers before, during, and after their trip.

Overall, Alledom Safaris is a reputable and reliable travel company that offers high-quality safari experiences and adventure tours in East Africa. With their commitment to responsible tourism and excellent customer service, they are a great choice for anyone looking to explore the natural beauty and cultural diversity of this amazing region.