Geting to Tanzania

Geting to Tanzania


Currently, visas are available for most nationalities at TZ Airports & Border posts (if you intend purchasing a visa on arrival, please check with the TZ diplomatic reps abroad or check with us prior, to make sure this option is available).  The cost of a tourist visa is US$50 per person and $100 per person for American citizens, to be paid in cash on arrivals.  It is not necessary to bring any pictures to get your visa, but please be aware that your passport should have at least 2 blank pages and should be valid for at least 6months from the date you arrive.

Nowadays it’s possible to obtain VISA online, please visit the following link for more information  


It’s worthwhile to arrange an appointment with your health professional prior to travel. For those with pre-existing health problems an earlier appointment is recommended.  All travelers should insure they have adequate travel health insurance.


Corona Virus travel preparation (What to do) – As for Now Tanzania is probably one of the safe countries to travel at this moment, in additional to that Tanzania has good western hospitals where you can get the right treatment to recover in case of emergency.  Commercial flights are operating to/from Tanzania, in order to inter Tanzania, passengers must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 Test performed within 72 hours prior boarding the flight. Passengers will be required to fill in Health-Surveillance Form in the plane or any other transport means and submit them to Port Health authorities upon arrival. The Government of Tanzania is Implementing temperature scanning for all international  passengers arriving into Tanzania. If you show symptoms of COVID -19 upon arrival, you may be required to quarantine for 14 days at the Government-designated facilities at your own expenses. For more information please visit WHO and NaTHNaC Websites

Tanzania heath authorities announced new guidelines for obtaining COVID-19 clearance certificate for both Nationals and foreigners who plans to travel outside the country to the countries where such certificate are required.  The COVID-19 screening fees for foreigner is currently $50.  The Tests can only be obtained at the Regional Hospitals, and the Regional Chief chemist’s office will supervise the screening at the National Laboratory.   

The Screening result will also be taken to the Regional Chief Medical office and issued within 72 hours for those who don’t have the infection and their names sent to point of departure for verification. Once you are already in Tanzania, you should continue to take sensible precaution and prevention steps to reduce the risk of infection, make sure you always have the following in your handbag; Hand Sanitizer, Face Musk, disincentive wipes and vitamins Pills.


Tanzania has re-introduced health desks at all ports of entry at Mainland Tanzania & Zanzibar. Note: all travelers travelling to Tanzania from or on transit from a Yellow fever infected country (example: countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, etc. even if you are only transiting through these countries) You will be required to show proof by means of a yellow fever vaccination certificate, so Please ensure you bring yellow fever vaccination certificates with you to show on entry, if requested.