Arusha Half Day City Tour


Arusha city, declared as ‘A Geneva of Africa’ by former US president Honorarious Mr. Bill Clinton, is situated in northern Tanzania. It has a population of 1, 288, 088 (2002 census).
This city is located on the slopes of Mount Meru making the region experience the comfortable weather all the year round.

All northern circuit safari tour to national parks pass in Arusha city making the region to accommodate more influx of visitors all the time. The city hosts major international diplomatic organs such as East African Community, International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and other International social organizations including Compassion International, World Vision, and local non-governmental organizations including Love For All People Tanzania, etc.

Your tour of Arusha city will involve the visit to different important places for pleasure, learning and shopping. These include Arusha museum, Uhuru monument, Arusha City bus terminal, Central market, Shanga House and Maasai market.

Welcome to Arusha, our home!

Arusha Half Day City Tour

Discover Arusha for Enjoyment, Learning and Shopping

Arusha museum visit: Learn the history of Arusha city during the colonialism era and after independence (about 1 hour).

Uhuru monument: Standing under the monument tower which symbolizes the freedom of Tanzanian people which marking also the Arusha declaration of 1967. Learn about Tanzania history and area of your interest through your guide at this comfortable point (about 30 mins. )

Arusha City bus terminal: Visit well designed Arusha bus terminal where safari to all regions of Tanzania and transport to East Africa countries are organized (about 30 mins. )

Central Market: Situated near the city bus terminal, this is the town market which supplies nearly all foodstuffs to large percent to urban dwellers in the region.

Maasai market: This is the place just 8 minutes walking down from the clock tower. In this area, you will visit much handy craft and artwork including batik, traditional clothes, and curious shops with sculpture presenting the history of people, animals and antique (about 2 hours).

Meeting Point Options: Rail or Bus Station, Hotel, Address or Intersection, Monument/Building

Duration: 5 hours

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